3 Ways To Deal With Fear…

Do you have a dream? Maybe a goal, a mission, a purpose or a vision you wish to accomplish in your life? If your answer is “yes”, congratulations! You’ve already experienced FEAR.

The inevitable emotion that ALL living creatures have to face. And yes, you’ll expect to cross paths with fear countless of times in your life.

The real question is, do you view it as a threat… Or do you view it solely as an emotion?

The truth about fear

Most people in the world view fear as a form of threat, something that is out to hurt them.

But SOME people, especially the successful people, know that fear is just a signal in your brain.

A signal coming from the least evolved part of our brain. The reptilian brain.

It’s simply telling us we are at the end of our comfort zone. That space of uncertainty. The void of unknown.

But why do we experience that fear?

Simply put, our minds are designed to keep us alive. Or you can call it a 24/7 survival mode.

It’s here to stay and it’s here to warn us of dangerous or potential threats, especially the “unknown”.

However, you don’t have to listen to it all the time! In fact, you shouldn’t.

Because it’s basically a protective mechanism that only overrides reason in most cases.

Start with accepting fear

When we reach, we can carry on despite “signals” and “warning signs” sent by our brains.

Because at the end of the day, it serves with a positive intention of keeping you alive.

So expect to feel the fear especially when you are the edge of your comfort zone.

Expect to feel it every time you are stretching beyond your limit and boundaries.

Choose to accept and embrace it rather than avoiding it. Be glad, rejoice and celebrate that you’ve bumped into it.

Because once you’ve crossed that line, you’ll surpass yourself. And soon you’ll start to understand more about the things you never knew.

But it’s a never-ending journey. One that will always take a toll on you, no matter how long you’ll live.

So here are some tips to help you become comfortable with fear. And to make the journey a little bit easier.


Fear is an emotion. And just like everything else, if you get used to it, you’ll start to be OK with experiencing fear.

Just think about it, the first few times are always the scariest aren’t they?

But the fulfillment and excitement you’ll get to experience on the other side?

Simply MIND BLOWING. No words can describe that feeling…

2. Don’t always view it as a threat

Not all fear is bad. Yes, there are some which is dangerous and we should avoid.

However, using your common sense, you now know that it’s just a signal.

A signal that you are at the edge of your comfort zone, and a way for your brain warns you of danger in order to keep you alive.

You now have the choice to view it as a neutral thing rather than a threat.

Because however you perceive it as, you are RIGHT.

“How you perceive it, is what your reality becomes.”

3. Be grateful that you found FEAR

Instead of beating yourself up mentally, CELEBRATE that you are now experiencing fear.

Be grateful that you are now stretching yourself and ascending to a higher level.

Celebrate your GROWTH and a deep sense of knowing that your next milestone is HERE.

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