Article submission guidelines for

The Empowered Choice Family


#1 Selecting a topic

Please select a topic based on the following criteria:

  1. It has to be a relevant problem or question in today’s world with a suggested solution or answer.
  2. It has to fall under one of the follow niches: entrepreneurship, finances, personal development, mindset, motivation, productivity, relationships, or health.


For example, “3 ways to manage your time better.” The niche is “productivity”, the problem is “not being able to manage time effectively”, and the solutions are 3 tips, tricks, techniques, or life hacks to combat the problem.


If at any point you’re unsure about the topic, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Just type in the title idea and see how many monthly searches relevant search terms have. Alternatively, email us a list of article ideas at support [at] and we’ll help you choose.


#2 Structure

Articles should be written starting with an intro to the problem, followed up into additional background info and/or solution(-s) or answer(-s). Keep in mind, this isn’t an essay, so conclusions at the end aren’t mandatory.


#3 Length

Each submitted article has to be at least 1000 (up to 3000) words in length.


#4 Media

You can add 1 image per 250 words, and 1 video per 500 words. Make sure they are relevant to the topic


#5 Plagiarism

Please only submit articles written by you that don’t exist anywhere else on the internet. If you’re borrowing ideas, please give proper credit.


#6 Spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Before submitting an article, use a free tool like Grammarly to check for any errors your article might have.


#7 Finished articles

Once you finish an article, email it to us at support [at] and our editorial staff will make any required edits (flow, SEO, and other nuances). Upon your request, we can also provide feedback in terms of writing style and quality of content.


#8 Credit & backlinks

The article will be credited to your chosen name or alias. You can also create one backlink within the article, linking to a relevant website or social media account with the appropriate CTA (call to action.) Please give us a heads up on this one since any excess links will be removed.


#9 Posting schedule

We usually have a queue of upcoming content, but we’ll notify you of a date when the article will get posted.