11 Best Productivity Tools For Work From Home

Here’s an anecdotal truth about productivity – most people spend more time making their to-do lists rather than actually doing something.

But it’s not just to-do lists, everyone spends time on tasks they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. And that’s especially the case when working from home.

You can call it a very skillful way to camouflage procrastination, but to me, it feels more like a sin.

Especially in this day and age when you have so many productivity tools to help you avoid all that.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps, add-ons, and browser extensions that not only lessen your workload but also keep you focused and productive.

Things like Slack, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Todoist, Toggl, and many others.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to sift through them all to find one that suits your needs…

Instead, I’ll share with you 11 helpful productivity tools that have helped me save loads of time and considerably raise my productivity.

So without further ado, here are my top picks!

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#1 Get the latest info immediately as it pops up on the internet

Google Alerts

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux


If you do daily internet research as part of your job or simply like new and interesting things, but don’t like manually searching for it on google or Reddit, there’s no better time saver than Google Alerts.

How it works:

It’s similar to searching on Google – you set a keyword, for example “cats” and you will get alert emails when something about “cats” gets added on the internet.

The more specific you are with the keyword, the more relevant your alerts will be. For example, “cats dressed like ninjas throwing shurikens while doing backflips.”

When you use Google Alerts it simply feels like you have a personal assistant instead of a productivity tool, allowing you to save loads of time and focus on the things you actually want to do.

#2 Take your files with you wherever you go

Google Drive

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux


Long have gone the times of storing all your precious files on your PC, tablet, or USB flash drive.

Now it’s the age of the almighty cloud, where corporations store your files for you, much like an information bank.

And one great example of this is Google Drive.

How it works:

You can upload any file on Google Drive free of charge, albeit with a limited storage space.

This works great for text documents and low compression rate pictures, allowing you to have a neat library of all your important files that can be viewed from anywhere.

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#3 Know everything about your competitors


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux


We live in a hyper-competitive society where everyone is trying to be the best. This usually involves overtaking your competition, requiring you to know about them as much as you know about yourself.

Normally you’d have to spend countless hours researching and checking your competitor’s sites just to figure out the basic information.

If your goal is the best at what you do, take the shortcuts where possible because there’s a long road ahead of you…

Like this sneakiest of productivity tools called SpyFu, for example.

How it works:

You input a site name and it analyzes everything from SEO keywords and content quality, to page rank and trust flow.

When you have such great volumes of in-depth information, you can beat your competition efficiently and effortlessly.

#4 Automate your social media


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

FREE – $299/month

Instagram and a lot of other social media networks are an important part of many people’s lives.

Whether it’s your job or you just enjoy posting pictures of your family, friends, and your adventures…

You spend more time on those sites than you can imagine, which usually involves making your posts/feed look perfect.

There’s a very useful productivity tool to reduce some of the tedium and decrease the time spent on both posting, uploading, and hashtagging. It’s called Hootsuite.

How it works:

You log onto Hootsuite, you select/link a social media account, and just start creating posts.

This way you can create a massive feed of posts well in advance, allowing you to even set the days and time they automatically get posted on.

As a result, your social media sites get automated involving very little to no work on your part, other than responding to your comments to grow the following!

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#5 Become a master accountant without even trying


iOS, Android

FREE – $10/month

A large part of your life is spent on managing finances and daily expenses because money is the most powerful driving force in today’s society.

It’s safe to say that how well you manage money equals to how well you live, so to most people it’s absolutely important to calculate everything perfectly…

But handling dozens of receipts, documents, and statements inevitably becomes a time-consuming chore.

Even if you spend just 10 minutes each day on it, that adds up to five hours each month, totaling about two and a half days per year.

Luckily enough, there’s a handy app called Expensify that helps you cut that time in half.

How it works:

You scan a receipt with the app and it will automatically grab the price and other relevant info, adding it to a neat list of receipts you can look over whenever you need to.

It also helps you with reimbursement, various service providers such as Uber, managing your plane tickets, automating most of the expense calculating processes.

Just a few button presses and you’re done, enjoy your free time!

#6 The easiest way to solve all your password woes


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

FREE – $4/month

If you’re like me and you’ve registered to a million different sites, chances are, you don’t remember some of your logins/passwords…

So you decide to visit a site for the first time in a long while, and what do you know – you can’t log in. You try various combinations and If you guess correctly, then it’s all good…

But usually you don’t, so you inevitably waste a good few minutes, on top of getting mildly annoyed or frustrated, all of it culminating in a password reset.

If this sounds a little too familiar, I have some good news for you. Now there’s a browser extension called LastPass that remembers all your passwords for you, except one that is.

How it works:

You register on their website, add their extension to your browser, and just start storing away your passwords in the vault. You only need to remember the LastPass login and password.

Of course, it sounds somewhat risky at first. What if someone hacks the vault? Or what if the corporation uses the passwords maliciously?

Turns out all the passwords sent to the vault are highly encrypted. And the only way to decrypt them is by using the decryption key stored on your device.

So if anyone really wanted your passwords, they’d have to hack your device directly.

Where LastPass truly shines is when you move to a new device, surpassing the limitations of regular browser password remembers, giving you quick and easy access to all your favorite sites.

Additionally, it lets you share passwords with your friends, family, and coworkers with the click of a single button.

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#7 Automatically declutter your email and see only emails you care about


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

FREE – $36/month

Remember the time you were really excited to open your email and happily read the emails people sent you? Yeah, me neither.

Even though email providers try to filter all the undesirable emails, a lot of annoying stuff still finds its way in your inbox.

As a result, going through your email is just as tedious as sorting a pile of snail mail over a trash can.

You know for a fact there’s something useful in there, but usually, it takes too long to get to the good part.

With SaneBox’s (aptly named too I’d say) help you can avoid all that. It’s like an email auto-sorter if you will.

How it works:

SaneBox analyzes what you click, read, or ignore, forming a tidy inbox where you only see emails you truly care to read.

Everything else is grouped into a “later” folder or banished to the netherrealm (trash) without you ever needing to do anything.

#8 Organize all your newsletters


iOS, Android


The new and hip thing to do is subscribing to newsletters and getting “value-filled” emails on a monthly/weekly/daily basis.

Or maybe you just happened to get added onto an email list via some free ebook hijinks…

Whichever the case, you ended up on multiple lists, so now you’re bombarded by dozens of emails every day.

You can unsubscribe, mark them as spam, and all that good stuff. But there’s also a better alternative that involves less work – Unroll.Me.

How it works:

What this ingenious smartphone app does is – it takes all emails/newsletters from a single sender and compiles them into a scrollable list.

So if you ever feel like reading, you can just scroll through newsletter bundles. All without you having to organize or search for or organize any of them.

personal productivity tools

#9 Control your bad procrastination habits

Freedom’s Stayfocusd

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

FREE – $6.99/month

Arguably, the greatest disease of the 21st century is procrastination. And one of the most common symptoms is spending too much time on your favorite website, especially when you’ve got better things to do.

Whether it’s Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other website, the 15 minutes you promised yourself suddenly turned into 5 hours, but you still haven’t done anything.

The app Freedom stops that from ever happening again.

How it works:

You set a daily time limit for any website or app, and Freedom blocks them when you reach the limit.

Simple isn’t it? But it’s really effective. It’s like your device suddenly has the voice of reason built into it.

#10 Be the master of your own time

Rescue Time

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

FREE – $9/month

If you feel like the previous app is a little too constrictive for your liking, then this is the next best thing.

Nothing forces you into action like the guilt you feel from a statistical overview of the things you’ve done (and not done) during a day.

How it works:

Rescue Time runs in the background on your smartphone or PC, tracking time spent on applications and websites.

At the end of each day, you’ll get a complete overview of how you spent your time that day.

This way you can immediately identify if and when you’re wasting too much time.

As a result, Rescue Time is one of the most actionable productivity tools out there.

your personal editor

#11 Your personal editor in a box


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

FREE – $29.95/month

Next up is the ultimate chore most of us hate doing, but we power through it anyway, especially the people writing for a living.

I’m talking about fixing grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, of course.

As hard as you might try writing perfectly on your first attempt, one way or another, mistakes find your way into your sentences.

The regular Spellcheckers help somewhat, but they’re mostly useless, so we do most of the work ourselves, wasting valuable time and energy.

You can actually avoid all of that with a nifty browser extension called Grammarly, which stands out among most productivity tools.

How it works:

Grammarly not only outlines punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes but also highlights word usage context mistakes, suggesting appropriate fixes.

If you upgrade to the paid version, it also suggests readability improvements, recommending better sentence structures, word usage, flow changes, and much more.

The best part is, you can fix any text in minutes using Grammarly. It’s basically like your personal and dependable editor.

Thanks to it, you can write without breaks or obstacles, letting the stream of words to just flow, saving a lot of time, headaches, and boosting your productivity.


What are your favorite productivity tools?

The productivity tools on this list are just the ones I like using, but there are many more out there. All of them give you more time each day to truly do the things you want.

That being said, I’d love to hear what your favorite productivity tools are and why? When did you discover them, and how often do you use them?

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s the greatest productivity tool among all productivity tools I didn’t include on the list – The Empowered Method.

It helps you save more time, earn more money, and live a better life in general. (click on the book below to find out more)

The Empowered Method

That’s all from me today, until next time!