Create The Life You Want To Live With Lifestyle Design!

You wake up one day and think to yourself: “Where did it all go wrong?” Same dull morning, same old scenery, and the same mediocre day. Sure, life is okay, but all that comfortable normalcy feels so tiresome.

Did you live out your entire life for this? And did you endure all the pain and suffering along the way for this? Probably not. Because what got you here were your hopes and dreams. An earnest wish to live a fulfilling life.

Now that precious thing of the past is collecting dust in the corner of your mind. Why? Because you chose to leave it there. You chose the life you’re living right now. But doesn’t that mean the opposite is also true?

What if you chose to dust off your hopes and dreams instead? And what if you chose to live the life you really want and deserve? Yes, you, in fact, have that choice. You have the option to live your dream lifestyle even now.

Of course, it doesn’t just stop at choosing. You have to work towards your dream lifestyle. And while some people will reach it by chance on their own, most of us never will. So the people who reached their dream lifestyle realized this and started analyzing their journey.

Things that worked, things that didn’t, what slowed them down, and what pushed them forward. They created a science to help anyone live their dream lifestyle. With the core principles being “effective”, “actionable”, and “today, not tomorrow.”

The result? Lifestyle design!


What is Lifestyle Design?

If you’ve never heard of lifestyle design before, then the term is exactly what it sounds like. You simply design every aspect of your life from the ground up.

But wait! It’s not an easy way out. And it’s not a lottery ticket that’s guaranteed to win. It’s more like a compass to guide you through the desert, so you don’t have to aimlessly wander through it instead.

The abstract descriptions aside, it’s a set of questions you have to answer. And certain actions you have to take along the way. It’s a more structured and actionable approach to living your dream lifestyle. As opposed to simply wishing for it.

start with small goals

Start with small goals

It always feels really weird when people ask you where you see yourself in 5 years. For starters, I’m not sure what I’ll eat for dinner tomorrow, let alone what my life will be like in 5 years.

And for some reason, most people in the corporate environment obsess over this type of vision. But aren’t all of them simply wishing for it? What is it if not blind optimism they somehow mistake for a future predicting superpower?

This is where lifestyle design comes in, focusing on realistic and achievable short-term goals. Like a goal you want to achieve today, this week, or maybe in a month. So get something to write on and put down the first goal that immediately comes to mind!

For example, I want to live healthier. But the trick here is to be as specific as possible. So you can change that to: “I’ll eat at least 1 fruit every day” or “I’ll eat a banana every morning.” The more specific the goal is, the less guesswork your mind has to do, and the easier it is to achieve it. All because you’ll be less indecisive.

By writing down the first goal, you start materializing your dream lifestyle. And don’t worry if it seems completely unrelated right now. This is just the first step that will urge you to take many more. And eventually, they will lead to your ultimate goal.

The only difference? When you finally set sights on that goal, you’ll have the tools, knowledge, energy, and life situation to achieve it. That’s the purpose of lifestyle design.


Eliminate the things holding you back

When you reach the first goal, you’ll almost certainly feel a sense of accomplishment, progress, and fulfillment. It will be the thing that will rekindle your desire for a better life and keep pushing you forward.

But at the same time, you’ll see the things that are holding you back more clearly. A bad habit here and there. Or maybe an annoyance that keeps popping up in your daily life.

These are the negative anchors that keep you from living the life you want. Almost like a chain that ties you to your current life. It’s simply a symbol of giving up and abandoning your dream lifestyle. And they’re everywhere if you look closely.

So pick one thing that’s making your life worse right now. And if it’s interfering with your current goal, even better! It will simply make the progress towards that goal faster.

For example, if your goal is to live healthier, a sweet tooth will often interfere with that. So try to lessen your sugar intake. Limit your snacking to maybe one candy bar a day. And so on.

The only way to live your dream lifestyle is to detach all the negative anchors. And then you’ll be free to live however you want. That’s the core idea of lifestyle design.

consistency above all else

Consistency above all else

Anyone can get a short burst of motivation, write down a goal, work towards it for a while, and then forget about it completely. That’s exactly why these people never get anywhere with it. That is the final hurdle. But even they can avoid it.

That being said, this doesn’t have anything to do with discipline. All it takes is setting reasonable goals. Ones that don’t ever tire you out physically or mentally.

For example, what’s easier? Eating one fruit per day? Or completely revamping your menu with healthy meals? The former, right?

While it won’t have the same effect as the latter, it’s still a start. And it’s much easier to stick to it. All because it’s simpler and takes a lot less time and energy.

If you go for a whole new menu, you’ll dread preparing it in a few days, just because you’re simply not used to doing it. And even worse, your body might not be used to ingesting so many new types of food.

The result? Your energy will dissipate and motivation levels will dwindle. And your grand goal will disappear like it never existed in the first place.

In short, try to always do something. Make it a habit. But never try to do everything all at once. That is the key to consistency, the main driving force of lifestyle design.


Begin designing your dream lifestyle today!

Lifestyle design isn’t just another hot phrase or a romanticized trick to get you to quit your job. It’s simply an effective way to give you back control over your life.

Anyone can start doing it by setting small and effective goals, getting rid of the things holding them back, and striving for consistency.

That being said, lifestyle design doesn’t stop with that. There many other things you can do to supplement your progress. Like building great habits, for example, which is simply a more advanced subset of lifestyle design.

The main difference with building great habits is that it’s a laser-focused approach, targeting specific areas in your life. Like getting yourself to read more. But it’s not done through force of will or anything like that.

There are many tricks, techniques, and strategies you can use for acquiring new habits much easier. If you want to find out how and learn the 21 best habits anyone can have, click on the book below and get your FREE guide!

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