Spirituality vs Religion: What is the Difference?

Author’s note: I’m not a religious or a particularly spiritual person, but I’m someone who has struggled with finding a greater purpose and meaning my entire life. The following article is my take on spirituality, how it helped me solve my problems, and why it’s still important in the modern world.


In the present day, the two terms “spirituality” and “religion” have somehow blended into one, often causing confusion to people.

But the way I see it, from the droves of knowledge available online, all religion is spirituality, but not all spirituality is religion.

It doesn’t matter if you read spirituality books, articles, or even quotes, all of them will eventually point you to that same idea.

difference between spirituality and religion

Understanding the difference between spirituality and religion

Both spirituality and religion are about explaining the unexplainable, providing guidance through life, and giving some peace of mind.

In short, it’s about improving your quality of life and mental state. And it’s often done through abstract means and interpretations of our universe, how it works, and what lies beyond it.

The major difference, however, is that most religions are about a God or some higher entity. You pray to it and follow a set of rules in the hopes you’ll go to heaven when you die.

While everything else within spirituality is about you, your place in the universe, and how you can influence it to live a better life.

For example, the law of attraction from the school of new thought. The gist of it is that by focusing on positive thoughts, you’ll create positive experiences in your life.

Or something really simple like taking a walk or meditation. But even with these three things mentioned, it barely scratches the surface of what spirituality as a whole can offer.

how spirituality helped me

How spirituality helped me solve my problems

At the end of the day, no matter the technique, approach or belief, spirituality is about making your worries go away. (please excuse the rhyme) For me, spirituality was something that happened unintentionally over the course of my life. When I heard some ideas, they simply stuck with me. Like the concept of karma.

The core idea was simple enough to understand for me as a child. Good deeds would be rewarded with good events. And bad deeds would be punished with bad events.

It’s something that put in perspective how I view our world and society, giving me a good enough reason to hold the door open for an old lady. And an even better reason to ignore my bullies since they’d get punished even if I didn’t do much.

I simply had the feeling our universe was on my side. My belief would’ve weakened if it never came true, but fortunately, it did.

One of my bullies broke his arm and was expelled from school soon after. The bullying stopped almost entirely afterward. Or that time I lost my credit card in town. When I started looking for it, some time had already passed, but a man was already looking for me to return it.

Things like this have happened many times during my life. Of course, it could’ve been a pure coincidence or me having a selective perception of reality, but I like to believe it wasn’t. It simply feels better to live that way. Then again, I’m also the type of person who’d prefer if ghosts existed, just so reality would feel a tad more interesting. Go figure.

why spirituality is important

Why spirituality is important in the modern world

Humanity’s need for spirituality has greatly fluctuated over the course of history. In the distant past, it was all about religion, but now it’s all about the alternatives. The main reason for this is the rise and advancement of science. Simply put, there are fewer and fewer unanswered questions about our universe.

To put it into perspective, people in the distant past viewed the Sun as a god. It gave warmth and let crops grow. They could see it from anywhere, it followed them everywhere, but it was always out of reach. It was such an impossible and powerful existence they began to view it as a God.

Then, our ancestors started worrying about things like: “What if the Sun didn’t rise up one day? What if it left us?” So to quell such worries, they decided to give offerings to the Sun and appease their God. And this only happened due to a lack of a scientific understanding.

Religion rose as a way to explain what we couldn’t explain. But now, we have way more answers than we ever did before, all of them readily available on the internet. So it’s baffling to think some people somehow believe the Earth is flat.

My point is, there are still questions we can’t answer and things we can’t explain. Like existence, the meaning of life, and death. The fact that we don’t have those answers even after all this time, really makes the questions stand out in a league of their own. Especially in an era filled with anxiety, depression, and suicide.

It wasn’t this bad in the past, was it? Sure, people were dying from famine, illness, and war, but did so many people pass away due to psychological issues? No. That’s because religion negated all of that, but it can’t do that anymore, not in this world built on science.

That’s why spirituality in general needs to step in and provide a boost to the modern youth. Only when we can control everything about us to the finest detail — when we’ve advanced into god-like existences through technological means, can we abandon spirituality.

What does spirituality mean to you?

We’re at the end of this short blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading! Now it’s your turn to share your opinion, but only if you want to, of course!

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