An Easy Way To Live A Happy And Fulfilling Life

The best teachers in life are old people, especially when it comes to living a happy and fulfilling life…

I was reminded of that once again when reading a blog post. It was about the 9 most common regrets people have at the end of their lives. And each bit of advice there deeply resonated with me.

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It’s safe to say that anyone who has lived a long life is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. They’ve had their successes and failures. And they’ve made many decisions along the way. We can rely on them as the guides through life. But most of us don’t.

How come?

listen to advice

Stay awhile and listen to advice

The reason why we don’t listen to old people that much is two-fold. First, we’re filled with youthful arrogance and a burning desire to try things our way. If we had our lives perfectly laid out for us, they’d be extremely boring and tedious, wouldn’t they?

And second, some old people come on too strong with their life advice and worldviews. So the generation gap can be really suffocating and overbearing at times. Like who wants to listen to how people used to live just fine without the internet and smartphones?

Especially when they probably forget experiencing something similar in the past. With the old fogeys of their youths preaching the same things about the TV.

But once we can get past all that, listening to someone in their years can be such a profound and enlightening experience. Each story they tell, no matter if it’s deep or silly, is a highlight of their long journey through life.

They remember these stories because those moments had an impact on their lives. So when we listen, we should try and not take it at face value. But instead try to read into the meaning behind their past actions, the outcome, and how it all lead to their current situations.

In short, the stories are valuable lessons in decision making. Something that no one is good at in the beginning. But we learn to get better at it over time. Especially when we make bad decisions.

strive to always make the right decisions

Strive to always make the right decisions

But no matter how hard we try, we can’t undo a bad decision. And sometimes, we want to desperately undo them anyway. That’s how regrets are born. Old people know all this too well. And that’s why their advice is invaluable.

So if you ever wonder how to live a happy and fulfilling life, there’s a simple answer. You need to make the right decisions. And never be afraid to use any help you can get. Pride will only lead to your regretful downfall.

The blog post I mentioned earlier highlighted 9 common regrets. But at the core of those are decisions. There is no regret without a bad decision. And there’s no happiness without a good decision. So all you have to do is choose to be happy.

Make the right choice, make the empowered choice. Show love to those who care about you. Become a better spouse, parent or child. Spend less time working. Dare to take more risks.

Stop worrying about things beyond your control. Live out your own dreams instead of fulfilling someone’s expectations. Take better care of yourself. Learn to do more for others. And finally, pursue your passions.

You can live a happy life if you choose to. Only you can make that choice. And when you do, your friends, your loved ones, and your family will share in that happiness.

And don’t tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, next week, or a year after. Don’t reassure yourself that you still have plenty of time. We never have enough time. And it’s constantly ticking away.

Do it before you find yourself at the end of your life and experience the most common regrets yourself. Take a chance now. Make a change today. You’re always in control of your actions. And only you can choose to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Make learning from mistakes a habit

Make learning from mistakes a habit

There will be times when we make bad decisions, even if we’re armed with the greatest advice ever. That’s just life, things like that happen. The important part is what we do after.

It’s when we need to reflect on our bad decisions or mistakes. Re-evaluate the other choices and possible outcomes. And before long, you’ll have to make a similar choice. The only difference is, now you’ll know which choice is the better one.

That being said, the trick is also to not dwell on your mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll land into the endless pit of regret. Simply extract the positives, leave the negatives, and move on with your life.

And this isn’t just limited to your mistakes. You can learn from the mistakes of others. There’s knowledge to be extracted there as well. Funnily enough, getting advice is when someone else has done it for you.

The only difference is that we don’t see the mistake, so we take the advice lightly or neglect it completely. But the mistakes are there. And we can spot them if we look closely enough. So make learning from mistakes a habit, whether they’re yours or someone else’s!


Build other great habits

Learning from your mistakes is a great habit. But there are many more out there. All of them will help you live a more happy and fulfilling life. Like exercising or being grateful to the people in your life.

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That’s all for this blog post, see you next time! Live happy, live fulfilled, and live empowered!

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